Students of Color Symposium

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Students of Color Symposium 2022

Saturday, March 5th | 9:30am - 4:00pm EST

**The Students of Color Symposium is funded by the Office of the President.**

Forging the Future: Looking Back to Move Forward

The Students of Color Symposium (SOCS) is an educational initiative developed to support the ongoing diversity efforts of the University of Miami. The Symposium provides an opportunity to engage in dialogue on issues that affect the educational, personal and professional growth of students. The Symposium seeks to enhance students’ understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, ethical leadership, and social responsibility associated with living in our global society.

The theme for this year's Symposium calls students to reflect on what we can take from past and present social movements to create change for the future. Our goal is to empower students to create change in their areas of influence and be bold enough to make a difference. 

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Symposium Overview

Session 1 | Flashback

Faculty Panel Discussion

"You can't know where you are going until you know where you have been."

This session aims to create shared knowledge of impactful social movements of the past to assist students in being change catalysts of the future. Distinguished faculty will share their unique experiences at it relates to their own identities and fields of study. 

Panelists & Moderators

  • Dr. Michael Bustamante | Associate Professor, Department of History 
  • Dr. Marisol Capellan | Lecturer, Department of Management 
  • Dr. Caroline LaPorte | Professor, Department of Anthropology 
  • Dr. Willis Jones | Associate Professor, School of Education
  • Kailyn Hayes (Moderator) | Executive Chair, Students of Color Symposium
  • Vanessa Bonilla (Moderator) | Executive Producer, MSA Productions 

Session 2 | Between Two Dimensions

Social Movement Simulation

In this session participants will get to join in an interactive experience that depicts a closer look at both past and present social movements. Through a combination of virtual and live activities, participants will walk through these impactful moments in time. The session will provide the opportunity for students to forecast the future by listening to fellow student leaders and creating their own commitment to change that lasts forever. 

Panelists & Moderators

  • Marian Pedreira | Student Panelist
  • Zach Ng | Student Panelist
  • Gabbie Tolbert | Student Panelist
  • Juan Flechas | Student Panelist
  • Amrutha Chethikattil | Student Panelist
  • Katie Schwerdt | Student Panelist
  • Roneshia Dennison(Moderator) | Graduate Assistant, Department of Student Life
  • Tiyah Snell (Moderator) | Marketing & Outreach Student Assistant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Session 3 | Forging the Future Keynote

Moderated Discussion

We are often unaware of how the impacts of our experiences can create a vehicle of change greater than ourselves. Raymond Santana, criminal justice advocate and member of the Exonerated Five, is an example how our past can be used to take bigger steps for change in the future. In this session, Raymond will share his story relating to his exoneration and how he continues to empower youth to take a stand for social justice today.  

Featured Keynote & Moderators

  • Raymond Santana (Keynote) | Criminal Justice Advocate, Member of Exonerated Five
  • Victor Rios (Moderator) | Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Caleb Taylor (Moderator) | Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Tatiana Robinson (Moderator) | Speakers & Sessions Chair, Students of Color Symposium

SOCS 2022 Expo & Experience

The SOCS 2022 Expo & Experience, sponsored by Toppel Career Center, is designed to engage students in forging the path to their future through exposure to various career readiness tools and techniques. Students will have the opportunity to network with diverse alumni, learn about emerging small businesses led by their fellow peers, enhance their online presence with professional headshots and more. 

Meet the SOCS Committee

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  • Executive Chair

    HayesKailyn Hayes | Class of 2023
    Executive Chair

    "I love serving as the SOCS chair because it gives me the opportunity to provide a fun and interactive experience where all students can learn about issues and topics important to different cultural groups. SOCS is also a great way to learn how we can all support one another as fellow students at the University of Miami." 



  • Guest Experience & Vendor Expo

    Doreen P. Gutave | Class of 2022doreen headshot

    "Serving as a committee chair for SOCS 2022 is a dream come true. This is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of, so I am excited to work with the team and bring to campus another successful year of learning and growing through SOCS. Also, being the chair of a new committee is super exciting, and my team looks forward to the amazing component we’ll be adding to the “day of show” for SOCS."

    Committee Members:



  • Logistics

    Lia Mussie | Class of 2024 lia mussie

    "Serving as a committee chair for SOCS, for me, means being a part of the fight for racial justice not just at the University of Miami, but everywhere. I love being surrounded by passionate individuals who want to educate the student body on how to become the trailblazers of this generation and make important, lasting change."

    Committee Members:


  • Marketing & Outreach

    Geethika Katari | Class of 2023 geethika headshot

    "Being on the SOCS Committee is so fulfilling because we get to build a safe space for students of color to explore their identity and learn more about themselves and the campus as a whole!"


    Dahlia Mason | Class of 2023 dahlia mason headshot

    "Being a Chair for SOCS means working together to create a vision of something great, and putting it all together to result in something even better. I am grateful to be a part of such an impactful event for students of color at this university."

    Committee Members:



  • Speakers & Sessions

    Tatiana Robinson | Class of 2023 tatiana robinson

    Committee Members: