Training and Workshops

The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides many opportunities for the University of Miami community to learn and develop their awareness.

Through training, programs, and facilitated dialogues the department creates environments where students, staff, and faculty can reach a deeper level of understanding around issues of equity and inclusion.

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  • Brave Spaces

    Brave Spaces strives to provide a supportive and safe space for student dialogue in order to achieve overall community building. These spaces provide a platform for education, thought, expression, and resolve. In a world where fear is present, we strive to exchange fear for bravery by empowering others to use their voice, practice active listening, and show empathy to create change one conversation at a time.

  • A Seat at the Table: Diversity Dialogue Dinner

    A Seat At The Table strives to create a space were self-authenticity, personal experience, and all views can be shared. To learn from those, we share the table with, we strive to foster an environment that encourages participants to be open and can challenge us to step outside of our comfort zones. Coming together for a shared meal is something many of us have in common. We invite those of different backgrounds to bring their unique experiences to the table and their openness to go beneath current levels of understanding in order to truly build a bridge of connection and healing.

  • Diversity and Equity Education Program

    This educational initiative is a partnership between MSA and LGBTQ Student Center which was developed in order to support the vision surrounding creating a sense of belonging. As one of the most diverse universities in the nation, the Diversity and Equity Education Program (DEEP) enhances our understanding of diversity, inclusion and community.  We provide students with opportunities to engage in dialogue across differences, enhance their leadership development and multicultural competency, and skills in social justice advocacy and action. This program helps students to become socially and culturally aware of the diverse identities that make up our university community, and to use that knowledge in order to be change agents for our global society.

  • Specialized Trainings Upon Request  

    Please contact us for more information.