Leadership Development Programs

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  • Students of Color Symposium

    The Students of Color Symposium, coordinated by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA), is an educational initiative developed to support the ongoing diversity efforts of the University of Miami. The Symposium provides an opportunity to engage in dialogue on issues that affect the educational, personal and professional growth of students. The Symposium seeks to enhance students’ understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, ethical leadership, and social responsibility associated with living in our global society.

    Mission Statement

    To enhance the cultural awareness and social responsibility of the university community by providing opportunities for meaningful engagement. To provide students with opportunities to embrace peers from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, nationalities, and physical abilities.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Engage in meaningful discussions and create connections between students
    • Foster a sense of belonging and community through intercultural exploration and engagement
    • Develop the capacity to engage in difficult conversations across difference
    • Educate students on issues related to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Enhance the personal and professional development of students through engagement opportunities with innovative thinkers, civic leaders, and social change agents

    Workshop Themes

    • Empowerment through identity exploration
    • Constructive ways of coping with Micro and Macro Aggression
    • Navigating the work environment as a person of color
    • Leadership, Student Advocacy, and Activism
    • Self-Preservation as Self-Care
    • Addressing Identity at the Intersections
    • Social Justice Education

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  • Diversity and Equity Education Program

    The Diversity and Equity Education Program initiative is a partnership between MSA and LGBTQ Student Center which was developed in order to support the vision surrounding creating a sense of belonging.

    As one of the most diverse universities in the nation, the Diversity and Equity Education Program (DEEP) enhances our understanding of diversity, inclusion and community. We provide students with opportunities to engage in dialogue across differences, enhance their leadership development and multicultural competency, and skills in social justice advocacy and action. This program helps students to become socially and culturally aware of the diverse identities that make up our university community, and to use that knowledge in order to be change agents for our global society.

    Diversity and Equity Education Program Educators should be:

    • Comfortable having challenging conversations
    • Passionate about diversity and inclusion
    • Comfortable speaking in front of large groups, facilitating trainings and leading small group discussions
    • Available 5-10 hours per month as necessary


    • Engage in meaningful dialogue and create connections between students
    • Provide an opportunity for students to teach and learn about topics surrounding diversity, inclusion and community
    • Enhance the cultural competency of students
    • Foster a sense of belonging through intergroup engagement

    Students will be able to:

    • Create connections across social differences
    • Empathize and understand peers that are facing cultural challenges and identity-based challenges
    • Respectfully address issues of discrimination or bias
    • Have a sense of responsibility to SJ and diversity


    • Allyship and Solidarity
    • Communication and Language
    • Gender and Sexuality
    • Race and Ethnicity

  • Life Skills Leadership Program

    Life Skills Leadership Program is designed to give students an opportunity to develop connections with student leaders, university faculty, staff, and alumni through various events held during the academic year. The program is designed to provide support and resources regarding academic success, leadership, social behavior, goal setting, and career-related planning. Mentees meet with their mentors once a month and must attend all Life Skills Leadership Program workshops and events.

  • Latin Leadership Council

    The Latin Leadership Council aims to increase collaboration among the diverse student body for Latin and Hispanic-identifying students to voice their opinions about campus programming, effective leadership/representation, and advocacy at the U.

    Its purpose is to serve as the place to unite the University community and serve as a support system for the Latin and Hispanic population to foster educational and cultural activities.

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  • MSA Crew Leadership Retreat

    MSA Crew meetings and retreats for MSA-advised and affiliated student organizations focused on providing important information on university policies and procedures, leadership training, personal and professional development, and mentoring. Retreats are held in the Fall and Spring and help connect student leaders with MSA staff.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Students will understand new policies and procedures impacting their student organization
    • Students will comprehend areas of strength and further development
    • Students will make connections with executive board members of different organizations
    • Students will develop a plan for organizational success and legacy-building