Champions for Change


Champions for Change is a student facilitator training programs that provides leaders the opportunity to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion across campus by becoming trained DEI facilitators. Students (or Champions) who are enrolled in the program will go through a series of preliminarily DEI trainings to equip them with the tools to educate and lead their peers in a variety of diversity sessions and workshops. Champions will co-facilitate presentations with MSA and will receive a certificate to demonstrate their certification of being able to facilitate in the program.

Date(s): Bi-Monthly Meetings (February - April 2022) 
Time: TBD
Location: Zoom
Application Deadline: January 19, 2022

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Program Timeline

Identity and Impact
6 p.m.
Kennedy Robinson, Christopher Clarke 
Interrupting Bias
6 p.m.
Kennedy Robinson, Christopher Clarke
Allyship and Cultural Awareness
6 p.m.
Kennedy Robinson, Christopher Clarke
Social Injustice
6 p.m.
Kennedy Robinson, Christopher Clarke
Student Facilitation 
6 p.m.

Learning Experience

Each session will include a variety of interactive learning activities that emphasize diversity and inclusion awareness, knowledge, skills and practical experience. Sessions will include dialogues, presentations, collaborative group activities, and opportunities for the application of skills learned. Participants will be provided with a variety readings, guest presenters, and engaging individual/group exercises that promote overall skill building. In order to be an inducted Champion, after the completion of the mandatory sessions, participants must display their knowledge through facilitating a DEI presentation for their cohort and MSA Staff.

Training Pillars

Identity and Impact
Interrupting Bias
Allyship and Awareness
Social Injustice
Social and Personal Identiteis
Marginalization, Privilege, and Oppression
Types of Bias
History of Bias
Confronting and Responding
Ally Types
Ally vs. Avodcate vs. Accomplice
Developing Cultural Awareness
Inclusive Language
Structural Inequality
Racial Injustice
Impacts of Justice System

Program Overview

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  • Program Requirements

    • Each semester, cohorts will be expected to complete 3-4 sessions that will fulfill each pillar.
    • Committed to champion social justice and inclusion on campus.
    • Display minimal prior self-education of diversity and inclusion topics.
    • Must complete an interview by MSA Staff.
    • Meet monthly with MSA once inducted.
    • Participants are expected to attend sessions regularly and promptly and to be mentally present and aware in the sessions to add insight, knowledge, and perspective. Students are expected to pursue all badging opportunities given to them, which may include explorations of off-campus resources.

  • Program Perks

    • Students will receive a completion certificate.
    • Students will assist MSA in facilitating training across campus.
    • Students can use skills they have learned to facilitate future program participants.
    • Students will be able to earn badges that show their understanding and completion of material.
    • Students can apply each year to stay in the program.

  • Learning Outcomes

    At the conclusion of this program students will be able to:

    • Facilitate DEI Trainings.
    • Develop cultural awareness skills and understand how to serve the needs of diverse students.
    • Understand the complexities of bias and bias intervention strategies.
    • How to conduct impactful community dialogues .
    • Understand strategies on effective inclusive leadership.
    • Understand how to be an active ally to diverse communities.
    • Identify and educate others on topics of social justice.