Beyond the Horizons

What is Beyond the Horizons?

Beyond the Horizons is an engaging mentorship and student success program designed to assist incoming multicultural students in their transition from high school or other institutions to the University of Miami. The program begins following our Horizons Pre-orientation Program and continues for the full academic year. Students are paired with a trained peer mentor who will serve as both a guide and friend, as they provide insight into campus resources and share experiential gems on how to navigate what is beyond the horizons of their college experience. Each month students will have the opportunity to engage in a series of programs, events, and mixers that focus on developing community, service projects, academic success, leadership skills, and understanding matters of diversity and inclusion.

Program Goals

  • Incoming students are often met with apprehension when entering a new environment, our goal is to excite and prepare students for what is beyond the horizons of their first day at the University of Miami and beyond the horizons of their college experience.
  • Provide necessary tools, resources, and skills in order to promote increased retention and student success.
  • Assist students in finding involvement opportunities throughout the university.
  • Foster a sense of community and belonging by bringing together diverse groups of students through the intentional planning of activities and programs.

Program Objectives

  • Students who participate in BTH will be connected to campus resources and involvement opportunities.
  • BTH will offer support and student developmental opportunities specific to the needs of multicultural students.
  • Mentors and mentees will participate in monthly experiences in order to facilitate a successful transition for incoming students.
  • Students will learn how to navigate collegiate challenges, and develop cultural competencies, leadership skills, and academic success.

Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities 

  • Attend monthly BTH meetings
  • Complete mentor/mentee progress diary
  • Attend at least one (1) university event (can be student organization or departmental) per month
  • Attend two (2) MSA events per semester

Mentee Application     Mentor Application

Fall 2023 Calendar of Events

Event Title
Mentor/Mentee Application Window Opens
August 15
Mentor/Mentee Application Window Closes 
August 25
August 26-September 2 
Application Decisions and Announcements

Meet the Beyond the Horizons Team

  • Kylia Brown | Project Coordinator
  • Michael Robinson | Project Coordinator
  • Trinity Byonie | Media Coordinator
  • Nyasha Nyoni | Media Coordinator
  • Etienne Atangana | External Project Coordinator
  • Michael Coffie | External Project Coordinator
  • Alexis Owens | Internal Project Coordinator

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