Leadership, Diversity, and Social Change


The Students of Color Symposium, coordinated by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA), is an educational initiative developed to support the ongoing diversity efforts of the University of Miami. The Symposium provides an opportunity to engage in dialogue on issues that affect the educational, personal and professional growth of students. The Symposium seeks to enhance students’ understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, ethical leadership, and social responsibility associated with living in our global society.

Mission Statement:
To enhance the cultural awareness and social responsibility of the university community by providing opportunities for meaningful engagement. To provide students with opportunities to embrace peers from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, nationalities, and physical abilities.

Learning Outcomes:
• Engage in meaningful discussions and create connections between students
• Foster a sense of belonging and community through intercultural exploration and engagement
• Develop the capacity to engage in difficult conversations across difference
• Educate students on issues related to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Enhance the personal and professional development of students through engagement opportunities with innovative thinkers, civic leaders, and social change agents

Workshop Themes:
• Empowerment through identity exploration
• Constructive ways of coping with Micro and Macro Aggression
• Navigating the work environment as a person of color
• Leadership, Student Advocacy, and Activism
• Self-Preservation as Self-Care
• Addressing Identity at the Intersections
• Social Justice Education